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Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Kannada-Delivered on a Rama Navami day

ಶ್ರೀ ಬ್ರಹ್ಮಚೈತನ್ಯ ಮಹಾರಾಜರು ಶ್ರೀ ರಾಮನವಮಿ ದಿನದಂದು ನೀಡಿದ ಪ್ರವಚನ 

Sri Maharaj's Discourse on a Ramanavami day

Sri Rama Mandir, Gondavale

Shree Ramanavami – 1

Today we have celebrated the birthday of Rama with great e' clat. Now, does everyone feel sure that this joy will last till the next celebration a year hence? Have we bid good-bye to all fear, anxiety, yearning? If not, this enthusiasm is but a nine-days' wonder. In that case, even a month-long celebration would be useless. If we don't celebrate the day in the proper spirit, how will the joy thereof be durable? Fanfares for mundane celebrations create enthusiasm that lasts only for a day. If the joy of Rama's birthday is only daylong, what is the net gain beyond the bother and pother of it all? The Lord is by no means eager for celebrations for their own sake. Therefore, I say, remember not to make this a routine celebration. It should rouse enthusiasm among rich and poor, grown-ups and young ones, for Rama-nama, make them more devotional to God and affectionate to each other.
Rama's life is a model for all of us to follow. The true duty of every ruler is to protect the good, and it is to perform this that God appeared on the earth as Rama; this is the main principle that we should never lose sight of. True Rama is not the picture or the idol in a temple or the worship room; He is in every heart. The celebration of Ramanavami can only be said to have been fruitful if we see Him in everyone and everything. We have eyes but no sight due to the cataract of passion and desire. The surgeon may remove the cataract and its opacity. This has to be followed later by using the prescribed medicine and precautions. Similarly, it is essential to take nama with fervour and love and follow the moral code.
Use the Ramanavami festival to see how the seed of nama-smarana will sprout and grow. The true benefit of the celebration of the festival is that as years go by, love for nama is continually enhanced, as also the joy derived from it. The true fruition is the strengthening of the conviction that Rama is the true doer, and of the love for nama.

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Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-delivered on a Ramanavami day

Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-April.5.

Effect of Association with Saints

A pedlar vending medicinal herbs and roots carries a peculiar bolus which can absorb poison or toxins when placed over the spot of a venomous sting or a festering wound. When washed, the special property of the bolus is restored. In the same way, our sins are drained away in the company of a saint, while the saint himself remains pure and holy as before. Association with a holy man can, perhaps, be secured, but it is very difficult to maintain it. Generally, we seek the company of what we like; and because we are impure at heart we seek the company of sensuous persons. Sense-objects may not be harmful in themselves, but it is the company of sensuous persons that is debasing. Company affects us for evil or for good. A saint is a person who does not help us in the gratification of worldly pleasures but, on the contrary, weans us away from them. A saint is one who kindles love for God in our hearts. We should have an earnest longing to meet such a saint. Sense-pleasures are very enticing; but when we feel that we should free ourselves from their clutches we should resort to the company of the devout. When evil thoughts beset the mind, take recourse to nama.
Those who see everything as the manifestation of God, and the universe as His pleasurable amusement, alone find true and lasting joy. That is why the saints always talk of God. Saint Tukaram used only to utter the name of the Lord, 'Vitthal', 'Vitthal', but its sweetness far surpassed that of the best of our music.
Saints feel deep and sincere compassion for us; we cannot even gauge its depth; because our mind is steeped in sense- pleasures, we take their advice lightly, though it is in our interest. When we are ill we take the prescribed medicine even if it is unpleasant to taste and smell; then why should we not attend to the benevolent advice of the saints as an antidote to miseries of worldly life? Even the apparently harsh words of a saint do not hurt, because he is constantly in communion with God.
Absolute fearlessness is the chief mark of a saint; there is no cause for fear when one feels that he himself pervades the universe.

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Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-April-5

Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Kannada-April 5