Saturday, November 25, 2017

Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Nov25

Surrender to God, Eschewing all Desires
God is omnipresent, and man is endowed with the special faculty of intelligence whereby he can convince himself about His presence. Some people, namely the saints, discovered and actually experienced His presence; we find their word reliable, and accept their assertion. If His existence is certain, how can we come to realize Him? In algebra, we assume 'x' as the unknown quantity to be found. Its value only becomes known when the problem is solved; till then, its value is only hypothetical; but we have got to assume 'x' to begin with. Similarly, we must assume the existence of God to unravel the mystery of life. His true nature and form we can only realize when the mystery is finally solved.
He is our true relative and well-wisher who shows us the way of escape from this cycle of birth and death; a saint is such a person. Saints have declared what God likes; it is simply this, 'Go in implicit surrender to God, eschewing all interest in worldly pleasures and desires'. At present we yield to sense-pleasures and passions. But one who obtains the Lord's support no longer fears anything. However, going to Him in implicit surrender is really far more difficult than performing intellectual and physical feats.
When we climb a stairs, we do not do it to please or oblige the steps, but to reach the upper floor; the stair is only the means. Similarly, pilgrimages to holy places, religious vows and observances, are all means; it is God that is the object. People, however, attach importance to these means, and completely overlook the object; isn't this just refusing to listen to reason?
God, in reality, is abstract, without form or attributes. It is man that brings Him within the range of imagination, giving Him a habitation and a name. We imagine Him to be a model of virtue, of all desirable attributes. We look on Him first as having concrete existence, and then give Him a name.
God's world is perfectly all right; the change required is not in His order, but in our own outlook. Since it is He that controls and orders all creation, all happenings are at His command. When we water the roots, the water naturally reaches all parts of the tree; so, too, when we keep constantly aware of God, whatever happens is all for the best.
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Sri Maharaja's Pravachan in Marathi -Nov.25

Sri Maharaja's Pravachan in Kannada-Nov.25

Friday, November 24, 2017

Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Nov 24

Worship God with Utmost Ardency

Embers, touched knowingly or otherwise, will not fail to cause a burn. A philosopher's stone will turn into gold even a heavy sledge hammer with which it is struck. So, if you approach God with just devotion, even without 'knowledge', God accepts you with open arms. However, there is no real devotion so long as there is even a little attachment to any worldly matter. Where the devotion is really strong, the idol may exhibit even human emotion, human reaction. This may come about when the devotee, in his ardency of meditation, even forgets his own physical existence. This supernatural experience may pass on to others who are comparably advanced. However, this high level of ardency may not stand continuously. Hence this experience alone may not avail much in the spiritual quest.
A young boy played some prank on a neighbour, so she slapped him. The boy howled loudly, and retorted with abusive language. The mother, hearing the loud cries, came out, and spanked the boy roundly; and the boy accepted the treatment much more quietly, and without abusive language. Similarly, if difficulties come, a devotee with implicit faith will accept them patiently, in the belief that God has sent them in his ultimate interest; he will, of course, have to suffer a lot, but will not lose patience and balance of mind. We lose peace of mind if we lose sight of God. We should remember that the lion lifts its cubs with the same sharp fangs with which it kills huge animals; and yet, the fangs have no terror for the cubs.
If we think dispassionately, we shall easily know the way to God. God is attainable for all except those who will not change their ways and outlook. First put into practice what you have understood; the way ahead will automatically become clear in due course. Be content with what you know, for mere hair-splitting discussion will be of no avail; it only signifies egoism and attachment for the body and the world.
He alone will attain freedom from fear and from all desire, who enjoys the company of God. Everyone needs some support or other. People, however, look for support from something or somebody that is worldly and therefore imperfect; consequently, we do not get real freedom from fear. We should, therefore, look only to God for support.
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Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-Nov.24

Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Kannada-Nov.24

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan -Nov.23

God Surpasses both Logic and Imagination
Man's way and capacity of thinking are limited by the range of his imagination; Nobody, however, ever admits or recognizes his limitation. But God is beyond ken, beyond conjecture, beyond the pale of imagination, unamenable to or inaccessible to imagination. It is under the influence of illusion that man seeks to comprehend Him with his severely limited range of knowledge, and believes in that knowledge alone. We should therefore recognize the distinction between faith and fancy. True faith resides beyond doubt and fancy. It is a pity that we do not attach the implicit faith to God's name that Prahlad did; he entertained neither the shadow of doubt nor of fancy. Even in our paltry lives we come across events that we may not have dreamed of. Why, then, can we not believe that God is beyond our limited logic and meagre imagination?
Just as the sun lights the whole world, God pervades the temple, the house, the holy places, and everywhere, everything. God is accessible not only to the learned and the wealthy, but to all and sundry. Because He is universally owned by all, He must be easily obtainable. A learned mathematician may be able to do sums rapidly, but even rustics can do them accurately, though much more slowly, without acquaintance with higher mathematics. Similarly, a learned man may, perhaps, comprehend God quickly, but even an ignoramus may attain to Him, in due course. The Lord sees the deepest thoughts of a person very clearly and accordingly holds him near or at a distance from the bosom.
Immediately on birth, a person automatically acquires relationships like father, mother, etc. Similarly, once you establish kinship with the blissful Lord, you inherit all concomitant qualities of His bliss. We have in our bosom the same divine spark that was in Maruti; only he kindled it and developed it, whereas we smother and put it out; thus we have become our own enemies.
Important personages have no fear of the accompanying policemen, but suspected offenders are afraid of the guards accompanying to ensure that they do not abscond. Similarly, a person who banks on God to back him is not frightened by upadhi, for he has the conviction that he can come to no harm.
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Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-Nov.23

Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Kannada-Nov.23

Satsang at Smt. Lakshmi's house in Doddadu nekkundi, Bangalore

Sri Rama Samartha
Sadguru Sri Brahma chaitanya Maharaja's Padukas from Chintamani Rama Mandir visited Smt Lakshmi's house on 19th Nov.2017. A satsangh was arranged assembled by hundreds of devotees. Beautiful marble idols of Sri Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, Maruthi and Sri Brahmachaitanya Maharaj were placed and pooja was conducted to Sri Guru Padukas.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sri Brahmachaitanya Pravachana - Nov22

God is Supremely Loving
What an enormous trouble you undertake to reach this remote village ! And, on reaching, you accept a life full of inconveniences of many kinds, what with the lack of city amenities. But then, do you correctly realize what all this is for? Do you truly, keenly, feel the urgent need of God? We usually do not think much about the objective.
When we are faced with a difficulty, a calamity, or loss, our first reaction is to ascribe it to God's injustice or harshness. This is the greatest of sins. In this respect, even an atheist is preferable, for he will at least not impute it to God for the simple reason that he does not acknowledge His existence! As a matter of fact, God is extremely loving, and like a mother, cannot bear to see anyone in pain. So, first disabuse the mind of the idea that unpleasant things and events are the product of God's will.
Remember the misfortune and the most indecent humiliation suffered by Draupadi at the hands of Dusshasana. She had initially felt sure that her brave husbands and other elder statesmen will save her from this humiliation, but that proved to be wrong. It was only when she single-mindedly and most ardently remembered and prayed Lord Shreekrishna, that He rushed to her help and saved her from the worst act of humiliation. He explained to her later on, that He could not come to her rescue earlier, because she had pinned her hopes on others and not singly, to the exclusion of others, on Him.
Our call to God can not be termed really ardent unless we pin our hopes singly on Him, and give up all expectation from anyone or anything else. Such ardency will come only when we look on Him as the last, the only resort. This ardency arises only where there is incomparable love. Such love for God cannot come without long, intimate association. Such association results from ceaseless nama-smarana. I urge you to earn His love by such nama-smarana, devoid of extraneous thoughts and fancy, for such fancy is the weapon par excellence in the hands of maya. Pure, thought-free nama-smarana will be extremely efficacious, for, if you pray to God, thinking exclusively of Him, He hastens to shower His grace.

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Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-Nov.22

Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Kannada-Nov.22

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Sri Maharaj's Pravachan-Nov.21

Stop Fancying, and Steady the Mind
If a villager visits the tahsil headquarters and is asked about his native place, he will give the name of his village; if he goes to the district headquarters, he will mention the name of his tahsil; similarly, in another state of the country, he will say he is a native of Maharashtra; whereas in a foreign country, he will say he hails from India. Thus, the larger one becomes, the less one minds the differences, and the more one tends to sink differences. Similarly, because God is the basic object of all religions, one who has attained God will treat all religions with deference. Till then, however, one had better follow the religion one is born in.
The various ideas man has had about happiness have failed to bring the expected results. One of these ideas was that money gives happiness; since even fabulous wealth has failed to give the desired satisfaction, the expectation has been proved wrong. Again, we see that what one person covets another detests. This shows that the thing is in itself neither pleasant nor unpleasant. A person often changes his own mind, that is, his likes and dislikes; therefore, there is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so. Even relationships may be more notional than real. Calamity may cause repudiation of facts and relationships. Since they are often figments of imagination, we can replace one by another, and finally get rid of both. If we must indulge our fancy, why not think of God, that He is the most generous among donors, that He is our protector, He is the one to bestow happiness on us? It is these thoughts that are truly in our interest, and will really make our worldly life happy. It is experience that verifies or disproves our fancies; when fancy ends and the mind becomes free of its flights and inclinations, we should fix them on a steady object; and God is the only steady thing in creation.
It is a hollow idea to feel that one is happy because one has a certain thing or situation. One should be contented, irrespective of any particular material thing or situation, and the mind and its inclinations should be steady in the meditation of God. This is the goal that paramartha seeks to attain.

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Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-Nov.21

Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Kannada-nov.21

Monday, November 20, 2017

Sri Maharaj's Pravachan -Nov.20

Rama Alone is the Ultimate Reality
'Who am I? Whence have I come?' The answer is: You are the birthless, ever-existing Cosmic Spirit. Know that this Spirit has no death, is completely indestructible. When it assumes physical form, as a body, it activates that body; but it is not the doer, that is, does not have a particular object or intention in view. It passes all imagination in respect of form, attributes, etc., and is subject to neither birth, death, nor change. It is immanent in everything, but is beyond, or over and above everything that is tangible. All saints, all scriptures, unanimously declare that Rama, or God, is the Ultimate Reality. Even a tree-leaf, the slightest thing, moves only if and as He orders or wills. A thousand, million, salutes to that fundamental, Ultimate Reality. Shree Rama is my appellation for it; It surpasses all paragons of beauty and virtue, transcends all pleasure and pain. There is nothing more desirable. Transitory sense-pleasures mislead one to death and pain; when this conviction dawns on one, takes root, only then he shall be able to overcome their lure.
There is no need to make outward changes, only give your heart to Rama. His grace should not be gauged by children, wealth, and other material belongings that people desire. Never let dejection or despondency enter the mind; pin your hope and trust in Rama and Rama alone. Rama is verily the Ultimate Reality. We sought the support of Rama before our birth, but later gave it up in the flush of the feeling of ego and proprietorship. I should never forget that my sole saviour is Rama the Creator, the Protector, and the Destroyer of the cosmos. The omnipresent Rama cannot be but with me, too: He occupies the universe, there is not a single point devoid of Him. Everything is dependant on His will. Whatever happens is at His command.
Wisdom, intelligence, the feeling of identity with the body, desire, imagination, are all manifestations of maya. Maya is ancient, as old as creation. Uncountable are those that have suffered from that supreme, fundamental illusion. The main illusion is the feeling of identity with the body; it is the prime illusion, the original sin. It is extremely powerful, and the greatest obstruction standing between us and God.
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Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-Nov.20

Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Kannada-Nov.20

Kannada Bhajans in Devanagari Script

                  श्री राम समर्थ
         कन्नड भजनावळि          

१) नमॊ लंबॊदर नमॊ विघ्न हर नमॊ दॆव वर गजानन ॥
स्मरण मात्रदिंद संकट कळ्यूवि दॆवि गौरितायी नंदनने ॥
मूषक वाहन दॊष निवारण पाशांकुशधर ईश कुवर ॥
ब्रह्मानंदगॆ मति कोडु गणपति रामपद भक्ति बीडादंते ॥

2) भजरॆ गुरुदॆवं हॆ मानस भजरॆ गुरुदॆवं । प।
भजगुरुदॆवं भजकर प्रॆमं निजपददायक सुजनॊध्धारं॥
ब्रह्मचैतन्यं ब्रह्मानंदं ब्रह्मांडनायक ब्रह्मस्वरूपं ॥
भवभयहारं भुवनॊध्धारं कलिमनतॊशक पावनमूर्तिं ॥
भयहरवीरं जयकरशूरं जयरामचंद्र विठलनदासं ॥

3) राम राम राम एंब नामवन्नु जपिसुव ।
नामकिंत बॆरे सुलभ दारि नमगिल्लवॊ ।
नामकिंत बॆरे सुलभ दारि नमगिल्लवॊ ॥
हिंदे अजामिळ कंद प्रह्लादनु ।
नारि शिरॊमणि द्रौपदादॆवियु ।
भक्ति भावदिंद भजिसि हरिय कोंडाडुत ।
मुक्तरागिहॊदरै भक्ति पथव तॊरुत ॥
चैतन्य मीरा कनक कबीरा ।
 श्री रामदास श्री तुकारामा ।
रामकृष्ण हरिविठ्ठल एंदु कोंडाडुता।
घॊर संसार ताप मीरि सुखि आदरै ॥
गॊंदावळी वासि श्री ब्रह्मचैतन्य ।
श्री गुरुनाथनु सद्गुरुनाथनु ।
बॊधिसिद बॊधवू वॆदगळ सारवू ।
इदॆ नम्म वॆदवु इदक्किल्ल भॆदवु ॥

4) बारॊ बारॊ ब्रह्मचैतन्य ।
श्री तुलसी मणिहारने नी बा ।
गीताबाय् सुकुमारने नी बा ।
मातृ वाक्य परिपालने नी बा।
प्रीतिलि भक्तर पोरेवने नी बा।
दयामया दयामया  शंकरनुत सदया।
पदयुग नंबिदे नी कोडु अभया ।
आदरिसै कृपे तॊरुव समय
मुददिंद गॊंदावळि प्रिया ।। बारॊ॥

5)बिट्टरे सिक्कनु गुरुदॆवा कट्टिरि प्रॆमदोळातननु ।
इष्टार्थगळ नीयुवनु श्रॆष्ठ मूरुति गुरुदॆव ।।प॥
गॊंदावळीयोळु बंदिहनु चंददि लॊकदि मेरेयुवनु ।
इंदिरॆशन स्तुतिसुवनु । भव बंधनवेल्लव हरिसुवनु ॥ बिट्टरे सिक्कनु ......
रावुजि पंतर प्रिय कुवरा कावनु बिडदेले तन्नवरा ।
भावदि भजिसुव भक्तरिगे ईवनु अनुदिन संपदव ॥ बिट्टरे सिक्कनु ......
भयवनु बिट्टु नावुगळु जयवेंदु आतन स्तुतिसिदरे ।
जयरामचंद्र विठलरायनु दयदिंद पोरेवनु अनुदिनवु ॥ बिट्टरे सिक्कनु....

6) चैतन्य ना निन्न नंबिदॆ । भक्तजन मान्यनॆ निन्न नंबिदे ॥प॥
गॊंदावळि पुरवासियॆ । तंदे श्री रामचंद्रन दासने॥
श्री गंध तुळसिय धारियॆ । अंधकारक्के ज्यॊति स्वरूपने ॥चैतन्य ना ...
कामादि अरिगळ नाशनॆ । प्रॆम करुणांतरंगन ईशनॆ ॥
श्री राम नामद बोधने । लॊकक्के सारिद दातने ॥चैतन्य ना ....
तॆराकॊटि जप साधका । धीर गंभीर भक्तरा पालका ॥
वर क्षीराब्दि शयनन सॆवका। पारु माडय्य ई भव कंटका ॥ चैतन्य ना...
ब्रह्मानंदार्चित दॆवनॆ । ब्रह्मचैतन्य रावुजि पुत्रनॆ ॥
नम्म ताळ्यद हनुमन रूपने ।अंधकारक्के ज्यॊति स्वरूपने ॥ ॥चैतन्य ना॥

7) आनंद रूप श्री राम भक्तवत्सल श्री राम ।
आनंद रूप श्री राम भक्त वत्सल श्री राम ॥
सीतावल्लभ श्रीराम कॊदंडपाणि श्रीराम ।
करुणा सागर श्री राम अनाथ नाथ श्री राम ॥
मारुति सन्नुत श्री राम ब्रह्मचैतन्य श्री राम।
विश्व व्यापक श्री राम परब्रह्म श्री राम ॥

8) मोरे होक्कॆ सद्गुरुराया दूर माडॊ मॊह माया।
काम क्रॊधाधिगळ पीडा इन्नु आग गोडबॆडा॥
निन्न पदरिगे बंदु बिद्दे इन्नु मॆले नानु गेद्दे ॥
निन्न कृपा मात्रविरलि कष्टबॆकादष्टु बरलि ॥
एन्नलि उंटु भॊळे भावा हॆळी माडिसिकोळ्ळो सॆवा ॥
ऎनु इडबॆडा गूढा नानु ओब्ब महा मूढा॥

9) पतित पावन एंबॊ बिरुदु सत्य माडॊ रामा इंदु।
अनाथ नाथ एंबॊ नामा खरॆ इरलि मॆघश्यामा ।
साधु संत महंतरेल्ला दीनदयाळ अंतारल्ला ।
होगळुवुदु निन्न कीर्ति सहजविदु विश्व मूर्ती ।
ब्रह्मानंद बॆडुव रामा हृदयदल्लि बित्तॊ प्रॆमा॥

10) सदा एन्न नालिगेयलि बरलि रामनाम ।
बरलि रामनाम सदा बरलि कृष्ण नाम।
सतत निन्न चरण सॆवे नीडेनगे रामा।
निन्न नाम नेनेवुदके नीडेनगे सुमनवा ।
ना निन्न नंबिदॆ श्री रामचंद्र दॆव ।

11)जयतु जयतु रामा सुनामा
जयतु जयतु रामा भव हर मंगळ सीताराम ।
मारुति सन्नुत तारकनाम ।
वारिजाक्ष घन मॆघश्याम ।
अनुपम गुण सागर गंभीर ।
मुनिजन मॊदकरा श्री राम ।
दिनकर कॊटि प्रकाश मनॊहर
अनुदिन सॆवित भक्तॊद्धार ....॥

೧2) मंगळवागलि श्री ब्रह्मचैतन्य शृंगार मूर्तिगे मंगळवु ।
मंगळवागलि महिमान्वितगे शुभ मंगळवु जय मंगळवु ।
श्रीराम दिव्य पदार्चनलॊलगे मारुतियवतारगे स्वामिगे ।
कारुण्यमय वर कुलकर्णि वंशज चारुचरित्रगे मंगळवु  ॥
श्री समर्थ रामदास यॊगीशगे दासबॊध कर्तृ दॆवनिगे ।
दासजनावन दॊषरहित प्रभु दॆशॊध्धारकनिगे मंगळवु ॥
राम श्री चंपक धामन दिव्य सुनामवनरुहिद गुरुनाथनिगे ।
कामितार्थवनीव सद्गुरुरायगे प्रॆमस्वरूपगे मंगळवु ॥

13) श्री गुरु ब्रह्मचैतन्य भजिसुवे निन्न अनन्य ।
नित्य निरंजन सत्य स्वरूप भक्तॊध्धार जगमान्य ॥ प॥
माणगंगा तटदल्लि गॊंदावळिय पुरदल्लि
गीतमातेय गर्भदलि जनिसिदे गणपति नामदलि ।।
अग्न्यानादिगळ नीगिसुत सुग्न्यानवने  भोधिसुव।
नॆमदि नामद तारकव सारुते जगवनु पोरेयुतिह ॥
ब्रह्मानंद पूजितन ब्रह्मस्वरूपि मारुतिय ।
भवसागरव दाटिसुव अभयव नीडि पोरेयुतिह ॥ श्री गुरु ब्रह्म चैतन्य...

14) नमॊ नमॊ भगवान् श्री ब्रह्मचैतन्य गुरुदॆव् ।
ॐ नमॊ भगवान् श्री ब्रह्मचैतन्य गुरुदॆव् ।
शरणु बंदे गुरुदॆव् नी एन्न सर्वस्व गुरुदॆव् ।
निन्न बिट्टरे गतियिल्ल गुरुदॆव् नी एन्न सर्वस्व गुरुदॆव् ॥
नमॊ नमॊ भगवान् श्री ब्रह्मचैतन्य गुरुदॆव्
ॐ नमॊ भगवान् श्री ब्रह्मचैतन्य गुरुदॆव्॥
15) श्री महालक्श्मी दॆविगे आरति बेळगिरि भक्तियिंद ॥फ॥
भक्तियिंद निजभक्तियिंद रक्तियिंद विरक्तियिंद ॥अ प ॥
श्री माता ललितांबेगे । श्री रामन सति सीतेगे ।
जय जय आरति श्री लक्श्मीगे । जय मंगळारति जय लक्ष्मीगे ॥
करुणामयि एंदु पाडुतलि । करुणिसि सलहेंदु बॆडुतलि॥
जय जय आरति धनलक्श्मिगे । जय मंगळारति वरलक्ष्मिगॆ ॥
चिंतामणिवासि चिन्मयिगे । चिंतेय कळेव चिद्रूपिगे ।
भक्तिरस माणिक्यदारतिय । भावदि बेळगिरि बंधुगळॆ ॥
16) धन्य इवर तायि । धन्य इवर तंदे । धन्य इवर मंदि बळगवु । ॥प॥
रामनामद वस्ति यार नालिगेयल्लि यार हृदयदल्लि रामरूप ॥
भक्तिभावदिंद कंठ्गद्गनागि भाष्पॊदक हॊगि कण्णु मंजु ॥
नृत्य माडुवाग दॆहभानविल्ल । नॊडुव जगवेल्ल रामरूप ॥
इंथवर सॆवा कोडॊ रामराय बॆडुव वरव ब्रह्मानंद ॥
१७) विवॆकविल्लद जन्मवु व्यर्थ ।
सदा परमार्थ माडबॆकु ॥
परमार्थदंथ सौख्यवॆनु इल्ल ।
प्रपंच विदेल्ला माया रूप ॥
मायारूप मत्ते होन्नु हेण्णु मण्णु ।
अनुभव कण्णु नॊडुवाग ॥
नॊडुवुदु राम । स्वरूपवंताम ।
गुरुकृपेयन्नू पडेदामॆले ॥
ब्रह्मानंद नानु सारि हॆळुवेनु ।
महाराजरॆनु मनुजरल्ल ॥
१८) ऎनु हॆळबॆकु समर्थर महिमा । एष्टु हॆळबॆकु समर्थर महिमा । इवर गुणके सीमा इल्लॆ इल्ला ॥
इल्लॆ इल्ला उपमा नम्म महाराजरिगे । इदु बल्लवरिगॆ तिळियुवुदु ॥
तिळियुवुदु इवर अगाध चरित्रा। गॊंदावळि क्षॆत्र कंडमॆले ॥
कंडमॆले इवर अमानुष लीला। ऎनु वुळियुवुदिल्ला कुकल्पना ॥
कुकल्पन माडि पश्चात्ताप होंदि। ईग एष्टॊ मंदि भजिसुवरु ॥
भजिसुवरु संख्या इल्लदष्टु जनरु।अनुभविसुवरु निज सुख ॥
सुख मूर्ति ब्रह्मचैतन्य भगवंता । महाभागवता चरण दासा ॥
१९) बहळ पापि नानु । शरणु बंदे निनगे । तक्कोळ्ळो पदरोळगॆ । गुरुदॆवा॥
साधु संतरिंद । महिमे कॆळि कॆळि । नंबिदे मनदल्लि । निन्न पाद ॥
निन्न कृपेयिंद । एष्टॊ पापि जनरु । आनंद होंदिदरु । भक्तरागि ॥
हागे आगबॆकु महाभागवत । निनगे शरणागत  ई अनाथ॥
२०) नमॊ दॆवा सद्गुरुनाथ । नीनु प्रत्यक्ष रघुनाथ ॥
पतित पावननु नीनु । महा पतितनु नानु ॥
दीन बंधुवु नीनु । बहु दीननु नानु ॥
नीनु शरणागत वत्सल । नानु शरणु बंदेनल्ला ॥
हाकिकोळ्ळॊ पदरिनोळगे ॥अनन्य भक्ति हच्चॊ एनगे ॥
माडॊ भगवंत नन्न । महाभागवतनन्न ॥
२१) नॊडुव गुरुवरना - कोंडाडुव ॥प॥
नॊडि मनदणिये पाडि पूजिसुव ॥अ प ॥
अरेक्षण वादरू मरेतु प्रपंचव । नेरेदु मंदिरदलि निरुकिसुव॥
मंदियेल्ल रघुनंदननन्ना नंददली स्मरिसि वंदिसुव ॥
शुभ्र शरीर विभ्राजमान । श्री ब्रह्मचैतन्य प्रभुवरन ॥
श्री रामनामॊच्चारण निरतन । मारुति अवतारन समर्थन ॥
राम श्री चंपकधामन दिव्य । नाम सुधेयनेरेव स्वामिया ॥
२२) संध्या स्मरणं श्री गुरुचरणं ।
श्री गुरुचरणं सद्गुरु चरणं ॥संध्या स्मरणं श्री गुरु चरणं ॥
ब्रह्मानंद प्रदायक चरणं॥ शरणं शरणं सद्गुरु चरणं ॥
शरणं शरणं सद्गुरु चरणं ॥ संध्या स्मरणं श्री गुरु चरणं ॥
श्री गुरु चरणं ब्रह्मचैतन्य चरणं॥
नित्यानंद प्रदायक चरणं ॥ शरणं शरणं सद्गुरु चरणं ॥शरणं शरणं सद्गुरु चरणं ।
२३) राम राम राम सीता राम राम अन्निरि ।
रामस्मरणेय होर्तु काल व्यर्थ कळेयबॆडिरि ॥
स्नान संध्या नित्यनॆम जपवतपवनु माडिरि ।
सायो संकट बंदरू परधर्म हिडिय बॆडिरि ॥
तंदे तायि बंधु बळगवु मिथ्यवेंदु तिळियिरि ।
नंदु नानेंदेंब मॊहव बिट्टु रामन भजिसिरि ।
काम क्रॊध मॊह बिट्टु मनसु जळजळ माडिरि  ।
कायवाच मनसिनिंद गुरुविगॆ शरण्हॊगिरि ॥
परर नारि परर द्रव्य नरकवेंदु तिळियिरि ।
चिंतेयिल्लदे राम चिंतिसि जनन मरणव नीगिरि ॥
भक्तिभावदिंद सद्गुरु हरियु हरनेंदरियिरि ।
गुरुविनप्पणेयंते नडेदरे मुक्तियेंदु तिळियिरि ॥
दिवस रात्रे साधुसंतर संघवन्नॆ बयसिरि ।
ब्रह्मानंदरु सारिहॆळुव रामनामव जपिसिरि ॥
२४) The following Bhajan was sent by Sri Brahmachaitanya Maharaj to Poojya Sri Venkannaiah:
हॆ रघुनंदन राक्षस खंडन रामदयाघन पालयमां ।
हॆ मनमॊहन रावण मर्धन सीतामॊचन पालयमां ।
हॆ भवतारण वालिनि खंडन संकटहारण पालयमां ।
हॆ रघुनंदन राक्षस खंडन रामदयाघन पालयमां ॥

25) भजनेगे प्रारंभ माडॊण । आगलि मोदलु नामस्मरणे ॥
राम भजनेगे निंताग । माडबॆकु लज्जा त्याग ॥
लक्ष्य बॆड रागद कडेगे । प्रॆम तुंबलि ह्रूदय दोळगे ॥
ताळ स्वरवु हॆगॊ इरलि । रामनामवु बायिगे बरलि ॥
रामनामद रुचियु बहळ । महाभागवत मरुळ ॥
26) जय रघुनंदन जय जय राम ।
जय जगज्जननी जानकिराम ।
जय जगपावन तारक नाम ।
जय जय मुनिनुत सीताराम ॥
27)ऎनु माडिदरॆनु रामनामद होर्तु । व्रत यग्न्य दाना सर्ववु व्यर्थ ॥
कुबॆरनष्टु द्रव्य गळिसिदरॆनु । मरणवु एंदिगू तप्पलारदु ॥
मन्मथनंथ चलुवनादरॆनु । यमलॊकके हॊग्वदु बिडलारदु ॥
बृहस्पतियष्टु विद्या कलितरॆनु । हॊदंता आयुष्य तिरुगलारदु ॥
ब्रह्मानंद जनरिगे हॆळुव हितवा । रामनामद घॊषा बिडबारदु ॥
28) कूताग राम निंताग रामा । मलगिकोंडाग रामने राम ॥
हॊगुवाग राम बरुवाग रामा । हॊगि बरुवाग रामने रामा।
वॊदुवाग राम बरेयुवाग राम । वॊदि बरेयुवाग रामने राम ।
वुंबुवाग राम तिंबुवाग राम । वुंबुतिंबुवाग रामने राम ।
कुट्टुवाग राम बीसुवाग राम । अडगि माडुवाग रामने राम ।
अणूरॆणु तृण काष्टदल्लि राम । एल्लि नॊडिदरल्लि रामने राम ।
ब्रह्मानंदर हृदय कमलदल्लि राम । ब्रह्मानंदर नुडियु रामने राम ॥
29) श्री राम निन्न मधुर रूपवन्नु । एंदिगे कांबॆनॊ कण्ण तुंबा ।
निन्न पादपद्म धूळी मॆले नानु । एंदु होरळाडॆनॊ प्रॆमदिंद ।
निन्न मुखदिंद एरडु मुद्दु मातु । एंदिगे कॆळ्यावो एन्न कर्ण ।
दीनबंधु एन्न अंत् नॊडब्याडा । बॆग दयमाडॊ नानु दीना ।
कृपा माडु नीनु एन्नोळु भगवंता ।महाभागवत नागुवंते ॥
30) साष्टांग मारुतिराया । हॆळॊ एल्लि रामराया ।
अंजनि दॆविय कुवरा । इरुवनेल्लि रघुवीरा ।
बॆडिकोंबे भीमा निनगे । एंदिगे सिगुव सीताकांता ॥
ब्रह्मानंद बंद शरणा । बिडिसॊ एन्न जनन मरण ॥
31) जगमॆ है दॊ सुंदर नाम् । राधेश्याम् मॆघश्याम् ।
रघुपति राघव राजा राम् । पतित पावन सीताराम् ॥
32)नी एन्न कायबॆकय्या ऒ आंजनॆया । नी एन्न काय बॆकय्या ॥
नीनु एन्न कायबॆकु नानु निन्न भजिसबॆकु ।
नानु नीनु वोंदागि राम भजने माडबॆकु ।।
दुस्तरद संसार जलधिय रामनामद नौकेयल्लि ।
दाट होरटिहे नानु पयणिग । नीनु अंबिग दाटिसय्या ॥
रामनामद सारवन्नु । हीरि सविदिह धीर नीनु ।
राम भक्तिय भंडारवन्नु । भक्तवृंदके नीडिदातने ॥
आजन्म ब्रह्मचारि नीनु । अप्रतिम बलशालि नीनु।
राम तारक शक्तियन्नु । लॊककेल्ला सारिदातने ॥
33) रामकृष्ण हरि मुकुंद मुरारि । पांडुरंग पांडुरंग पांडुरंग हरि।।
मकरकुंडालधारि भक्त बंधु शौरी । शक्तिदात मुक्तिदात विठल नरहरि ॥
पुंडालीक वरद पंडरिनाथ शुभद । अंडजवाहन कृष्ण पांडुरंग श्री हरि ॥
राज सुकुमार मॊहनाकार । करुणा सागर अच्युता श्री हरि ॥
जगत्रय जीवन कॆशवा नारायण । माधवा जनार्धन आनंदघन श्री हरि ॥
तुलसिहार कंदर भक्त हृदय मंदिर । मंदरॊद्धर कृष्ण इंदिरॆश श्री हरि ॥
दीनबंधु कृपासिंधु श्री हरि श्री हरि । पावनांग हॆ कृपांग वासुदॆव श्री हरि ॥
ग्न्यानदॆव संस्तुता नामदॆव कीर्तिता ।तुकाराम पूजिता दास कॆशव सन्नुता ॥
रामकृष्ण हरि जै जै पांडुरंग हरि । पांडुरंग हरि जै जै रामकृष्ण हरि ॥
34) महराज् निन्ननु । बॆडुतिहे नानु ॥
महनीय एन्ननु कै बिडबॆडेंदु । कृपे माडबॆकेंदु ॥ प॥
नामद मणिय बेळकिनिंद दारियन्नॆ तॊरिदे ।
नामस्मरणे मात्रदिंद भक्तर्नेल्ला काय्दे । कष्टवेल्ला नीगिसिदे ॥
जीजाबायिय कैयिंद नी केंडवन्नॆ नुंगिदे ।
माझॆ सद्गुरुरावॊ एंदु पाडिसिकोंडे । एंदु पोगळिसिकोंडे ॥
चिंतामणिय मंदिरदल्लि सदा वासिपनेंदे ।
चिंतेयेल्लवन्ने हरिसि नामस्मरणे माडेंदॆ । रामस्मरणे माडेंदॆ ॥
स्वामि ब्रह्मचैतन्य प्रॆमदिंद नॊडेन्न ।
सामिदास बॆडुव भक्तियन्नु नीडेंदु मुक्तियन्नु नीडेंदु ॥
35) बारय्य गुरुदॆव तॊरय्य सत्पथव । तारय्य सन्मतिय -सारिबॆडुवेनय्य ॥
लॊकद व्यवहार -दाकरदोळुरे सिलुकि । व्याकुलव नांतिरुवे - नी कायो निजबंधु ।
भक्तिया नर्तनवो ! वि-रक्तियुत गायनवॊ । मुक्तिगावुदो काणे - युक्तवेंबुदनरहु ।
गुरु ! निन्ननुग्रहद - वर जपानुष्टान । निरुतवाचरणेय-ल्लिरुवंते नी माडु ॥
वरद चंपकधाम-स्मरणेयलि मनविरिसि । करुणिसुत सलहय्य -गुरु "ब्रह्मचैतन्य" ॥
36) Poojya Sri Ramasheshaiah used to chant the following prayer every Thursday evening.:
जय साधुवर्य सद्गुरु महाराज, शरणजन कल्पभूज, धरणिगादर्श निन्निंद्रियगळोरज, परिपूर्ण तॆज ।
सकलास्तिक प्र्वरनिकरदधिनायक, शरणजन सर्वॆष्टदायक, रामनाम सहस्र गायक, रूपिनलि नॊडे समसादुक, जगवेल्ला निनगे मायक । गॊंदावली क्षॆत्रवास, एंदिगू निनगिल्ल दॊष, निन्न नंबिद जनर पापनाश, विरक्तवॆष,सत्यभाष,कृपावॆष । भक्तिभाग्यद सूरे जनके, विरक्ति मॆरेयमीरेमनके, विषयासक्ति हिम्मेट्टुवुदु वनके, धरेयोळेणेयिल्ल निन्नय सत्वगुणके, उध्धरिसुवुदु क्षणके ।
निनगे शरणेनलु हॊगुवुदु बंध, मनके तॊरुवुदु परमातुमन चंद, नीनेनगुमाधवनु, नीनॆ सरसिरुह भवन । नरलॊकदग्नतेय दूर माडुववने, नकजनापत्कुलव गारुगेडिसुववने, ममते एंबुव गंट बिच्चि कळेयुववने, मधुरतरवाद भावदि नॊडुववने, मंदहासदि शशिय मंदगैयुववने, मकरंद रसदंते मातनाडुववने, मंदार शाखेयह भुजदि शॊभिपने, मंजुप्रवाल पदतल विराजितने, मरवेयेंबुव पोरेय कोरेयुववने, अरिवेंब दृष्टियनु बरिसुववने । निन्न काल्तोळेद नीरॆ सर्व तीर्थ । निन्न मरेयुत गैव कर्मवेल्ल अनर्थ, निन्ननुग्रहविल्लदर्थवेल्लवपार्थ, सर्व समर्थ । नी निंत नेलवॆ क्षॆत्र, निन्न संबंधविल्लद नेलवु भूत मात्र, मन्नणेगे पात्रवागिहुदु निन्न गात्र, नी कॆळीग नागैव स्तॊत्र, ना निन्न पात्र । निन्न मातॆ वॆद सत्य भॊध ..., निन्न महिमेय नॊडे जगदोळगाध, निन्ननुग्रहदिंद मुगियुवुदु वाद, निन्न करुण्दोळागुवुदु सर्वमॊद, निन्निंदलळियुवुदु सर्व भॆद् । नीनेन्न गुरुवरॆण्य श्री
ब्रह्मचैतन्य! नीनु सर्वरिगे मान्य, एन्न मॆलिरलि कारुण्य, वदान्य, चिद्विलासगण्य, निन्ननुग्रहदिंद नानु धन्य धन्य ।
37) अंजना नंदना आंजनॆय नमॊ नमॊ । पवन तनय नमॊ नमॊ पतित पावन नमॊ नमॊ ।प।
रामधूत नमॊ नमॊ रम्य चरित नमॊ नमॊ । काम दुःख कलुषविघ्ननाशकाय नमॊ नमॊ ।।
बुध्धि दात नमॊ नमॊ यशॊदात नमॊ नमॊ । शक्तिदात नमॊ नमॊ शौर्य दात नमॊ नमॊ ॥
ग्न्यान दात नमॊ नमॊ ग्न्यान सिंधु नमॊ नमॊ । संगीत शास्त्र निपुण शंकरांश नमॊ नमॊ ॥
38)ॐ शिव ॐ शिव परात्परा शिव ओंकारा शिव तवशरणं ।
नमामि शंकर भजामि शंकर उमामहॆश्वर तवशरणं ॥
39) शम्भॊ शंकर गौरीशं वंदॆ गंगा धरणीशं ।
रुद्रं पशु पतिःईशानां कलयॆ काशि पुरनाथं ।
विश्वॆशा तवशरणं विश्वन्नाथा तवशरणं ।
पाल लॊचन परमानंद नीलकंठ तवशरणं ॥
नन्दि वाहन नागभुषण चन्द्रशॆकर तवशरणं.॥
40. विवॆकविल्लद जन्मवु व्यर्थ । सदा परमार्थ माडबॆकु ॥
परमार्थदंत सौख्यवॆनु इल्ल । प्रपंचविदेल्ला मायरूप ॥
मायरूप मत्ते होन्नु हेण्णु मण्णु ।अनुभव कण्णु नॊडुवाग ॥
नॊडुवुदु राम स्वरूपवंताम। गुरु कृपेयन्नु पडेद मॆले ॥
ब्रह्मानंद नानु सारि हॆळुवेनु महाराजरॆनु मनुजरल्ल ॥
41) राम निन्न दिव्य रूपवेंदु नॊडुवे
राम निन्न मधुर ध्वनिय येंदु कॆळुवे
राम निन्न दिव्य पादकेंदु नमिसुवे ।
राम निन्न दिव्य हस्तवेंदु मुट्टुवे ।
राम निन्न दिव्य नाम पाडि भजिसुवे
राम निन्न दिव्य कृपेय बयसि बॆडुवे ॥
42) गीता पुत्रने नमॊ नमॊ गणपति नामने नमॊ ।
श्री गुरुवर्य नमॊ नमॊ सद्गुरुवर्य नमॊ नमॊ।
ब्रह्मचैतन्य नमॊ नमॊ भक्तर पोरेवने नमॊ नमॊ ॥
43) हरिय नामस्मरणे माडद मन विद्दॆतके ।
रामनाम नुडियदंथा नालिगेयॆतके ।
गॊविंदन्न पूजा माडद कैगळॆतके ।
श्री रामंगे प्रदक्षिणे हाकद कालुगळॆतके ।
श्रीरामन्न नॊडदंथा कंगळॆतके ।
रामन कथेया कॆळदंथा किविगळॆतके ।
श्री रामन्न वंदिसदंथा मस्तकवॆतके ॥
राम सॆवा घटिसदंथा दॆहवॆतके ।
श्री रामन्न नंबदंथा बुध्धियॆतके ।
राम सीता राम अन्नद जन्मवॆतके ।
श्री रामन्न तिळियदंथा विद्यवॆतकॆ ।
श्री रामंगे अर्पण माडद द्रव्यवॆतके ।
श्री रामन्न निंदिसुवंथा हेंडतियॆतके ।
राम भक्ति इल्लदंथा मक्कळॆतके ।।
44) श्री रामा दयासिंधॊ । करुणा माडॊ दीनबंधॊ ।
गंटालु वोणगितु वोदरि वोदरि । बॆग तोरिसो निन्न् मॊरि
निन्न होरतु गतियु एनगे । यारू इल्ला लॊकदोळगे ।
निनगे अर्पिसिदेनो जीवा । कायो अथवा कोल्लो दॆवा ।
पाहि पाहि पतितॊध्धरणा । महा भागवत्त प्राण ॥
45) महराजर समान मूरु लॊकदोळिल्ल । आनंदद गणी गुरु राय ॥
नन्न गुरु राय रामने आगिहनु । वासनेय मूलव दूर माडिहनु ॥
कृपादृष्टियिंद भवव दूडिहनु । माय पाश भूतव वॊडिसिहनु॥
नन्न चित्तदल्लि गुरुराय नेलेसि भ्रांतियन्नु दूर माडिहनु ॥
ब्रह्मानंद् ऎनु एष्टु अंत स्तुतिसलि महाराजर समान मूरु लॊकदोळिल्ल ॥