Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan- May.23.

Forget Yourself for God
Do you not forget yourself at least once in a day? You do, but it is in mundane matters. We sometimes hear highly welcome news, sometimes very disconcerting news; both so disturb us that for a time we are beside ourselves with jubilation or misery, and do not know what we are doing. In other words, we forget ourselves in emotion; this is so also when we are in a towering rage or passion. It is admittedly undesirable to forget oneself in worldly subjects, but nothing is better than forgetting oneself for God.
When singing bhajan we should get so lost in it that we become unaware of the body. Is it so today? If a co-singer commits a fault in rhythm, we instantly fly into a temper; that is not true bhajan. It should be performed in the feeling that there is none else but God and me; then alone will it be true bhajan, and we may then lose awareness of the body. In worldly life, never forget who you are in reality; that is, never be subservient to sensuous subjects. If we go through life with an awareness of our true self, it will never prove harmful.
In worldly affairs you may have passion, anger, greed, and such other emotions, but they must always be under your control; you must not be a prey to them; then body consciousness will gradually die out. This can be achieved only by complete surrender to God, which again, is brought about by nama-smarana. There are some who find no advancement even after being in sadhana for a score of years and more, and therefore give it up as unfruitful, ineffectual. This fruitlessness is evidently their own fault, not of the guru.
If you want to enter sannyas-ashrama, evidently it cannot be done unless you give up living with your wife. Similarly, you cannot be said to have really met the guru unless you go to him divested of worldly desires. So first purify your heart by practising the sadhana prescribed by him, and then you can meet him in the true sense. What you should ask of him is genuine contentedness. If you get that, there remains nothing more to ask for, and thereafter you cheerfully accept whatever situation he chooses to keep you in. Then you cease to care for the body and what happens to it.

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Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-May-23

Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Kannada-MAY 23

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-May 22.

Keep Implicit Faith in the Guru
Exercise builds up physical strength; solving difficult examples develops intellectual capacity; similarly, spiritual strength is enhanced by facing difficult situations boldly, coolly. Spiritual strength is gauged by the degree of diminution of body-consciousness. It is for this that God sends calamities. It is wrong, therefore, to be scared by them. God knows well wherein your welfare lies, and it is not in your interest to request Him to withdraw calamities. It is valorous to endure coolly whatever situations arise. Do take medicine if you are ill. But is it not God who endows the drug with its curing property? And, after all, it cures one patient, fails with another. So remember that whatever God brings about is best for the particular person. Therefore, approach God in genuine submission, and pray for strength to bear the situation with courage, pray to Him to bless you with contentment, and live in His remembrance. If illness comes, bear it cheerfully, for to that extent you are redeeming yourself from what you owe to prarabdha. Do not give much thought to it, then it will affect you less.
You feel indisputably sure of your existence as so-and-so; you should feel equally sure that God exists. When you have the conviction that your guru is the same as God Almighty, then alone you can be said to have true regard for him.
When you think you are serving me, it is only with your body-consciousness; for, you do only what you yourself like to do. To do what I like, to obey me passively, to be in nama-smarana, not to hurt anybody physically or emotionally because God dwells in every being, and to believe that it is He who does everything – this would be true service to me.
My preaching may be ineffective for one of two reasons: one, that I lack the power to bring about the mutation of your mind; and the other, that you do not practise what I tell you. But, after all, a sudden spiritual metamorphosis is not desirable; for instance, if fever suddenly drops from 40° c to 35° c, it may indicate a collapse. So, too, if one who is prone to fits of anger becomes very docile in a day, it is not desirable. The change should be gradual, and be brought about by deliberation.

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Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-May 22

Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Kannada-May 22

Monday, May 21, 2018

Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-May.21

Exert Yourself to Remember Nama
There is no sadhana so subtle and yet so gross as nama. One who wants to say anything most earnestly, says, "I tell you this from the bottom of my heart (or, literally 'the navel'.)". So nama, too, should be taken from the bottom of the heart, or the navel, because all desires spring from there. When it is made the seat of nama, it will gradually dislodge desire and totally extinguish it in the end. Nama should be practised not superficially, casually, but sincerely and insistently. Let us not worry as to how we shall respond to sensuous pleasures when all desire becomes extinct.
It is easy to realize God when we realize His omnipotence. He is a saint who has realized God. When we go to a town, we inquire about the local gentry and the Mayor. We can meet them because the residents can point them out. The Supreme Being, however, is without form, without attributes; how can we reach Him, meet Him? But then do we always take things which are not perceptible to be unreal? Our yearning for God is a yearning for the perfection that is God. This yearning can be quelled only by attaining to Him. Every being has this fundamental yearning; only, it is misdirected. Because it is directed to the satisfaction of sensuous pleasures which are only evanescent, it never really comes to fruition. Because birth itself is a result of desire, it is desire that we yearn to satisfy. To withdraw our yearning from there and direct it to God – it is in this that man's peculiar competence lies. 'What can I do to attain to God?', this is the yearning that every human should entertain, else he has failed in his special mission and opportunity. All sadhanas aim at creating this longing; and where genuine longing is found, God extends His helping hand.
There is no sorrow, no pain in the world that can ever overshadow the bliss that is God. Everybody hankers after bliss, because it is His nature, His very essence. We should try to inculcate its sweetness in ourselves by study and practice. It may be asked ,'If I spring from God, what is the need for such study?' The need arises because we have forgotten our noble origin. Because God is all love, let us strive to fill our heart with love.

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