Sunday, December 17, 2017

Shree Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Dec.17

'Body-am-I' Delusion, the Root-cause of all Misery

Paramartha is a subject not easily understood, and yet it is of vital importance to everyone. It is best comprehended by trying to see what 'I' am not, rather than to see what 'I' am. If we are walking along a foot-track which is not for our destination, then we may miss all the landmarks. If in solving an example, we make a mistake at any point, the answer will evidently be wide off the mark. Similarly, if one fails to comprehend correctly the basic qualities and failings of human nature, paramartha, which is based on them, will also not be fruitful. The first of these features is the universal desire to be continuously happy, or at least to have a promise of happiness. Death or extinction nobody wants; we all desire to live forever. God is eternal, and ever blissful; and since He is in the make-up of us all, we too desire to be likewise. But we miss the right way from the very start, and consequently everything goes amiss. If a tree in our yard is uprooted in a storm, we say' our tree has fallen;' but if a person dies, we say 'he is dead, not as a matter of fact, 'his body' is dead. The fundamental error, therefore, is that we consider ourselves identical with the body, not with the spirit or soul. We love the body more than the soul, and cater to the needs and pleasures of the body with the utmost care. Nay; instead of controlling and regulating them, we allow ourselves to be completely mastered and led by them, at times even disregarding the better judgement of the conscience. We thus go on piling one mistake on another, thus completely misusing the special assets of human birth.
If we want to fell a tree, we first cut off the branches, and then attack the trunk. To observe the moral code of conduct corresponds to cutting the branches of the tree of passions. The second attack is devotion to the saguna form of God. If this devotion is intense, a man forgets himself at least momentarily, and has the feeling that he belongs to God. True constant awareness of God comes by nama alone; nama will thereby mitigate the 'body-am-I' delusion and also attachment to material things; the person will then see God in everything.

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Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-Dec.17

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Shri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Dec.16

Nama Will Itself Lead You to Him
The source of a river is found to be a dribble of crystal-clear water in a far-away hill. Later, the stream is joined by other streams, some of them muddy, and therefore its own flow becomes somewhat turbid. Similarly, the source of a desire for paramartha can be traced to some good actions of a past life. Pure at the source, it often becomes unclean by association with good and bad worldly affairs, individuals, etc. Turbidity of water can be removed by the application of alum which causes the impurities to settle at the bottom. Similarly, the merits and demerits of an action settle at the bottom and the flow of life continues clear, if a person takes recourse to nama. To perform one's duties conscientiously, to chant nama, and to live in complete contentment, constitute paramartha. You may rest assured that there cannot be any paramartha in the absence of nama­smarana.
Paramartha essentially aims at creating love for God; and for this there is no better means than nama, because it is a constant reminder of God and thereby, constant association with Him. There may be many who read a lot about paramartha, and start talking about it, preaching it; but rare, indeed, is one who practises it.
As for prapancha one can never feel the satisfaction of having had enough of it. One may find an old man who has had everything that life offers; wealth, children, status, amenities, and what not. And yet, when the time comes for him to quit the world, he may wish he had seen his great-grandson married and settled in life! This shows the endlessness of desire. It clearly shows that there can be no satisfaction of perfectness or completeness in prapancha. The sense of longing can only come to an end On attaining God. For this, the only means is nama; so have recourse to it early in life; the sooner the better. You can be sure that nama will unite you with Him at the end of life.
If God were to grant all that a man continues to desire, He would not find a moment's respite and yet be unable to satisfy him. So what should we ask of God? Only this: 'Give me love for nama, O Lord'.

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Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-Dec.16

Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Kannada Dec.16

Friday, December 15, 2017

Shri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Dec.15

Living in Nama Gives True Vision of God
Even Lord Shreekrishna had to discard His mortal body. The Cosmic Soul, too, when it appears in a material form, must follow the laws that govern the material world. When appearing as a perceivable entity, a form, attributes, and all other auxiliaries come unavoidably. We, being in the human form, would naturally like to see Him in a similar form, but we should remember that, that was only a role that He then played.
The darshana in a physical form is forgettable, perishable. The darshan that is obtained by a person engaged in ceaseless nama-smarana is not only the true one but one that becomes clearer, brighter, every day. So keep on chanting nama, and you will always have darshan of God. A saguna form cannot last for all time, but nama is the complete symbol of the Ultimate Reality, the true God. Uttering nama is equivalent to having God by one's side. God in the saguna form is affected by certain limitations. Rama and Krishna in their human form could not change the evil mentalities of Ravana and Duryodhana. The saguna manifestation cannot achieve the task of transforming the mentality; it can only be accomplished by nama. In the practical world also we find that the form changes and perishes, but nama abides. Even Rama and Krishna disappeared in form but their names have lived down the ages. In the present degenerate age there is no visible incarnation, but nama is the incarnation, and it is the true saviour.
Lord Shreekrishna, had educated Uddhava, His bosom friend and staunch devotee, about the true nature of the Ultimate Reality. He requested him to go to village Gokula, the scene of His childhood, to pacify the rustic milkmaids, who were apparently pining for Him. Uddhava complied. He explained to the maids that Shreekrishna was not just the infant and the child that had fascinated them, but the very Cosmic Soul; that it was ignorant to pine for the apparent child. The maids burst out laughing, saying, "Shreekrishna has duped you. Actually, we don't miss Him, for He is held captive in our loving hearts." Let us emulate them by love and utter surrender.

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Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-Dec.15