Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Feb.20

Remember God and Do Your Duty

Never desert your duty. Maintain constant awareness of God. Do your duty properly, leaving the rest to God. This is the key to success. Conduct your worldly life without ever letting yourself forget Rama. Be ever alert to duty, simultaneously remembering God; this will give peace of mind. He who conducts his life thus will attain God. Never be idle; keep trust in God, but also pay attention to your duty.
To lose awareness of the body while remembering God is the chief characteristic of bhakti. Commend your body to Rama, totally relinquishing doership. No matter how deeply versed one may be in the shastras, futile and meaningless is the life of one who does not feel supreme happiness at the feet of the Lord.
To live in God is the best way to bliss. We should always think of how to attain Rama. Love for the Lord will certainly grow if you give up expecting happiness from worldly life. God should be the basis and the goal of all action; He alone can really bless you. Lay down all good and evil at the feet of Rama. Physically you can carryon worldly life, but the mind should be devoted to Rama, and then you will become a stranger to both pleasure and pain. Blessed, indeed, is the mother of the man who keeps his mind filled with Rama. To him there is no truth except Rama. With complete faith in Rama, you can live happily in your worldly life. For him who dedicates his life to Rama, his worldly life is itself equivalent to performing yoga-sadhana.
It is good to go about your worldly life in the firm belief that all that is apparently yours really belongs to Rama; you will then have little trouble to undergo, for Rama will ever be by you. Resign yourself to Rama, and believe that whatever may come about will be by His will. Keep your mind riveted on His holy feet, think of nothing else. Take care to see that you hold on firmly to Him; make yourself His serf. What is the main characteristic of a serf? That he thinks of none but the master. A servant of the Lord is respected by the world. Therefore, never forget that we are all His retainers. Resolve to consider Him as solely yours; let no other thought enter your mind.
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Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-Feb.20

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Feb.19

Living in Nama is the Highway to God

A woman found it difficult to practise nama because her in-laws disapproved of it. I told her, "If one eats butter every day, maybe even surreptitiously, it is bound to show its fattening effect on the body. Similarly nama, even if practised without anyone's knowledge, will certainly have its wholesome effect. So, if you cannot practise nama openly, you can do so in secret, with due caution, and derive its beneficial effect." If the body is unable to take food by the mouth, it is introduced directly into the stomach through a tube; similarly nama taken with faith and feeling becomes effective very quickly.
A man travelling by bullock-cart fell in the road. A "good Samaritan" who reached the spot some time later found him lying there, took him home, and treated his injuries. Similarly, if we keep practising nama, a saint will come along some day and help us on; only, we must take care to be on the highway, that is, keep practising nama. To live engrossed in sense-objects and interests is like falling in an unfrequented by-lane.
How free of all conditioning nama is! We, who are grossly conditioned by the body-consciousness, therefore fail to realize its importance. It is the saints who truly realize it. England is several thousand miles away from here. We hear about it from those who have been there. We cannot go there on foot because of the long distance. Nor can we go there by a road-conveyance, because the wide ocean intervenes. We can, however, reach there without tiresome trudging, and without fear of being drowned, if we take a steamer. If, similarly, we take to nama, we can attain God in comfort and safety. We have not seen Him ourselves, but the saints have, and they describe Him. We cannot reach Him for the distance, and for the intervening ocean of worldly life. Under these circumstances, if we hold fast to nama we can comfortably attain to Him.
A person may be known by different appellations in different circles of his kith and kin, and he responds to any of them; so, too, will God respond, whatever name you call Him by. Just as a purchaser gets a property spread over different places merely by a single mention in the sale deed, the omnipresent God is comprehended in His name.
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Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Marathi-Feb.19

Sri Maharaj's Pravachan in Kannada-Feb.19